Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

I believe prepping and planning for healthy living is a huge component in making it part of your daily life. Taking a day each week to food prep will save time and money, and having a plan for healthy living will help make your goals attainable. Every Monday I will feature how I food prep each weekend before the work week, as well as my plan for healthy living for the week.  How was your weekend? My weekend was perfection. I caught up on sleep finally, and did nothing productive Saturday. I relaxed, tried BUTI yoga (loved it!), got a massage (gift from the hubby!) and enjoyed a night out at breweries in St Pete with good friends celebrating one of their birthdays. On Sunday I was uber productive, getting my life organized after a couple weekends out of town and a very busy week at work. Lots of cleaning and food prep! I love a mixture of relaxing, socializing and productivity on the weekend!

How did your last week plan for healthy living go? My plan went almost according to plan. On Thursday night I ended up not cooking, and ate the sushi bowls on Friday night instead. And for exercise, I was too exhausted (and having bad stomach pain) to exercise on Thursday. So I just rested instead. I had planned to make up the exercise on Sunday, but honestly felt the need to rest again, so I listened. I got in five great workouts, and instead of stressing out about getting in the sixth workout, I chose to listen to my body.

Food prep this weekend:

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Banana peanut butter overnight oatmeal (four for me, one for Nick) in mason jars

Make ahead oatmeal for Nick (made with organic 2% milk)

Roasted sweet potatoes

Greek farro salad for lunches (later added in the roasted chicken from dinner on Sunday)

Energy bites

Cherry jam (followed this recipe and just substituted cherries for raspberries)

Not pictured: shredded roasted chicken and chicken broth (both made from the whole roasted chicken I cooked on Sunday)

Meal Plan for the week*:

Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

*I find I usually stick to the plan about 80% of the time. If I don't make exactly what I plan, I try to at least use the ingredients.

The egg hash, fish tacos and shrimp quinoa pad thai are all recipes of mine that I make all the time. Just wanted to make them again to perfect the recipes before sharing on this site (soon)!

Exercise plan for the week:

Monday-  Gym before work (deadlifts/back/biceps) and hot cardio flow yoga

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday- Gym before work (leg day)

Thursday- Hot barre or power fusion yoga

Friday- Gym before work (shoulder/chest/triceps)

Saturday- BUTI yoga + optional sprints

Sunday- rest

The usual workout plan. Three lifting sessions, continuing the training scheme created by Fuel for the Soul, and three classes at my yoga studio. I tried BUTI yoga for the first time last week and I LOVED it. Its "yoga on steroids" mixing yoga with tribal dance and pylometrics. So amazing!

Sleep and mental health plan for the week:

Last week was CRAZY stressful and meditation was the only thing that kept me sane. I was so insanely tired by the end of the week. I think the stress of the week coupled with a couple weekends of poor sleep finally caught up with me. I slept almost 12 hours Friday night! I am continuing to focus on improving the quality of my sleep, which is something I struggle with. I want to continue to turn off electronics by 8:30pm and start nighttime meditation by 9pm. I also downloaded and started using the Sleep Cycle app that my friend recommended. The app shows you your cycle of sleep and rates your sleep quality. I am already loving it, thanks for the recommendation Sarah!

I plan to continue my goal of morning meditation for five minutes first thing in the morning. I am a firm believer that baby steps achieved over time lead to big changes. I want to meditate for twenty minutes in the morning, but starting with five minutes is easier for me to begin with. I also want to continue the nighttime meditation to help relax my mind at night. I am guilty of thinking I don't have the time to meditate and Kat's guest post on Finding Time to Meditate really spoke to me. I have been using her recommendations to find more time in my day! I follow my sister's guided meditations, you can find more Kat on her Bringing Balance Back  series here on the blog  or at her website.

Your turn:

What is a "perfect" weekend to you?

Have you ever heard of BUTI yoga?

Nourish Yo’self,