Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

I believe prepping and planning for healthy living is a huge component in making it part of your daily life. Taking a day each week to food prep will save time and money, and having a plan for healthy living will help make your goals attainable. Every Monday I will feature how I food prep each weekend before the work week, as well as my plan for healthy living for the week.  Alright guys, it has been a couple weeks since the last prep and plan post, so I think it is time for another one! I am enjoying doing these every other week or so, what do you think?! Just in case you were wondering...I still do weekly food prep and meal plan EVERY week, I just thought I would keep the posts every other week so that I could have more time to discuss other nutrition/healthy living topics.

Today we are going to go through my plan for the next two weeks, which will lead up to when Nick and I head to Memphis for a wedding weekend. Cannot wait to watch to our best friends get married!

Food prep this week:

Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

-Roasted sweet potatoes

-Cooked farro

-Grilled chicken breasts

-Roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted bell peppers

-Homemade BBQ sauce

-Cut up bell peppers

Anticipated food prep for next Sunday:

-Recipe testing: paleo fudge, pineapple and chicken skewers

-Also: whole roasted chicken, energy bites or bars, protein pancake bake

Meal Plan for this week:

Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

Next week:

Monday: Leftovers from Sunday

Tuesday: Egg hash (with leftover potatoes from Saturday)

Wednesday: use up leftovers in the house

Thursday-Sunday: out of town in Memphis!

Exercise plan for the week:

Monday-  Gym before work (deadlifts/back/biceps) and hot cardio flow yoga

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday- Gym before work (leg day)

Thursday- Gym before work (shoulder/chest/triceps)

Friday- Circuit workout at home

Saturday- Circuit workout at home

Sunday- active rest- long walk with Porter and yoga

Monday- Gym before work and hot cardio flow yoga

Tuesday- Hot power yoga or barre

Wednesday- Gym before work

Thursday-Sunday- dependent on how I feel, if I can fit an exercise in!

I am going to try to exercise at least once when in Memphis, but if I cannot find the time to workout, I am not going to worry about it. I am too excited to spend time with close friends, and do not want to take time away from being with them just to work out. Memories > Exercise.

Sleep and mental health plan for the week:

I am averaging 7.5 hours of sleep a night, I really want to start getting a solid 8 hours and improve my sleep quality (my main issue) I am actively working on changing this for myself, and have loved using the Sleep Cycle app to track my sleeping patterns.

Same goals with meditation this week, start with a few minutes of silent meditation and end the night with guided meditations. I did okay with this goal last week, and would like to improve it this week. I follow my sister's guided meditations. You can find more Kat on her Bringing Balance Back  series here on the blog  or at her website.

Nourish yo'self,