Practicing Self Love on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day! Are you pro Valentine's day or against? I have to admit that I kind of love it! Although all the gimmicks associated with the holiday are kinda silly, I like to use it as an opportunity for Nick and I to enjoy a date night out. We are trying to be smart financially, so we never eat out eat out less often. On Friday we enjoyed a dinner date at Seasons 52.  I love the concept behind the restaurant, with seasonal ingredients and nutrition information provided (not that I count calories, but in a restaurant setting I think it can be beneficial), but I was underwhelmed with the food. It was good, but not great. Anyone else have the same experience?! I got the scallops with butternut squash risotto with broccolini and Nick got the braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots. The best part was definitely the mini desserts!

I also cooked up a delicious meal for for a date night in, last night...

Coconut Butter Salmon [Paleo, Dairy Free]

Coconut butter salmon with coconut curry mashed potatoes and roasted turmeric Brussels sprouts and peppers. Recipe testing for you guys ;) The recipes are not ready yet, but I am definitely on to something! After dinner we watched too many episodes of The Office. Nick and I love Parks and Recreation and have struggled to find a replacement since the series finale. Believe it or not we have never seen The Office! We are in to Season 3 now, so good.

Because today is Valentine's Day, I want to remind you all to practice self-love today (and everyday). You are beautiful on the inside and out, and you deserve to treat yo'self!

Nourishing your body with real food is a wonderful way to practice self-love. As a practice of self love, I've been enjoying a weekend breakfast of my peanut butter cup oatmeal with a dark chocolate peanut butter cup on top. YUM. I also plan on taking some breaks from working today by taking our pup, Porter, on a long walk and giving myself a pedicure treatment too!

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Your turn: How do you plan on practicing self love today?






P.S.- Come back tomorrow for a post on my food prep and plans for healthy living for the week!