NWP Episode 89: Mental Health, Social Media and Working through Comparison Trap with Brie Shelly

NWP Episode 89

Today on the podcast we have a very exciting guest, Brie Shelly! We have heard from our listeners more need for mental health conversations, and today is an effort to bring you more of just that. Get to know Brie better below and listen to the podcast below, on our NMN website, on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

Brie Shelly is a therapist, coach, and yogi on a mission to empower women to unlock their inner confidence and learn how to thrive on and offline. Based out of Boston, Brie owns a private practice that specializes in confidence, body image, social media, navigating comparison traps, and utilizing travel as a tool for self-growth. She is the host of Real Talk Travels, a podcast that highlights the behind the scenes of the digital age during unfiltered conversations with social media influencers, travel enthusiasts, and marketing and mental health experts. When she's not supporting others, you'll find Brie somewhere in the world balancing being in the moment and taking photos.

 Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • How Brie got into the work she does as a therapist, private practice owner and how she blends her beliefs on adventure and taking risks into her counseling

  • Overcoming obstacles in your life and how taking risks helps you achieve a more fulfilling life

  • Brie’s specialization in working with individuals with eating disorders, body image concerns and social media comparison, the common thread among these ideas and tips for overcoming these issues

  • Why we need to be mindful of our social media intake and how this impacts mental health

  • Brie’s top tips for creating a better relationship with social media and creating boundaries with social media


Connect with Brie at:

  • www.brieshelly.com

  • Instagram: @brieshelly   

  • Real Talk Travels can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and Alexa


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Information discussed in today's episode:

NWP Episode 89
NWP Episode 89