Perfectionism + NWP Episode 78


Happy Friday friends! Today’s podcast episode is a special one! We are honored to have Simi Botic on the podcast today discussing her story about recovering from perfectionism.

It’s a story I deeply resonate with. With I reflect back on my entire life, I always wanted to be perfect. For who? For others. Ultimately, perfectionism for me stemmed for lack of confidence in myself and trying to be someone else for those around me. Like so many of us, I learned at a young age what it took to fit in and out of fear of rejection, abandonment, not being liked- whatever you want to call it- I hid myself. I hid under things like striving for the perfect looks, the perfect body, perfect grades, perfect diet and being perceived as the perfect person. As you could imagine, since there is no such thing as being perfect, it kept me on a hamster wheel of never feeling enough. Breaking free from those chains was one of the best things I ever did for myself.

If you resonate with this at all, I truly cannot wait for you to listen to today’s episode of the Nourishing Women Podcast with Simi Botic. She shares her empowering story of the destructive power of people pleasing, recovering from perfectionism, how perfectionism played into her disordered eating and so much more.


  • Simi’s story and how she went from lawyer to author and certified health coach.

  • The destructive power of fear, comparison, and making decisions out of people pleasing.

  • The role perfectionism has in developing disordered eating.

  • How perfectionism impacts and hinders us in all areas of our lives.

  • How self work and healing manifests in other areas of our life.

  • The importance of pausing and choosing how to interpret an event vs. reacting to it. 

  • The “smaller is better” social expectation and how it holds us back from our fullest potential.

  • The power of presence for women to tune into and trust their intuition.

  • The importance of chasing your dream but also recognizing that every life stage has a purpose.

Simi made you a free guide, The First Step To Breaking Up With Perfection which you can grab here.

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