NWP Episode 115: The Pros and Cons of the Whole 30 Diet with Megan Perez RD/N


On the podcast today we have back on the show Megan Perez, one of the dietitians at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. In this episode, Megan shares her feedback and personal experience trying the whole 30 diet, and how this is not a non-diet approach. We review who the diet was created for, the pros, cons and major takeaways from her experience implementing it. Overall, our goal is to show you that no external sources that tell you what you can and cannot eat is true intuitive eating, and that placing food and good or bad categories creates an all or nothing approach to food. While the episode aims to be open-minded to why someone may implement this in their lives, we feel there is no way it could heal someone's relationship with food or could be sustainable for the long term.


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