Nourishing Women Podcast: Intuitive Eating During the Holidays with Kelsey

Happy Friday friends! Today’s podcast episode is part two to last week’s episode with Kelsey our new RD at Nourishing Minds Nutrition!


In this episode, we continue to talk with and get to know Kelsey. She shares with us some of her hobbies outside of work and her progression and journey with intuitive movement. We also discuss tips for navigating the holidays and the food scene including:

  • Tips for intuitive eating during the holidays.

  • The value of positive mantras.

  • Resisting diet culture talk and conversations.

  • The value of visualization in recovery and maintaining peace throughout the holidays.

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We will be sharing old podcast episodes the next two weeks while we take a break for the holiday season. I hope you have a wonderful break as well and I’m excited to come back with amazing content for you in 2019!