Introducing Client Series: Meet Stephanie!

I’m so excited to announce that I am starting a new feature on the blog. Highlighting my amazing clients! I feel so grateful to have such wonderful clients that I form such a close bond with. This client series is to let them tell their own stories, and speak to their own passions. Today we start off with Stephanie. When reading through this, I felt a theme of reclaiming her power. I hope you feel it too!

Before I came to Victoria, I was frustrated with my hormones, my digestive issues, and my rocky relationship with food and exercise. I had a disordered past with food and competed in bodybuilding about a year ago, so my hormones and gut were left out of whack at such a high-stress state and low body fat percentage. I had not had a natural period in over four years and was experiencing extreme bloating and food sensitivities. I had an idea of what I needed to do to heal, but I was scared to commit whole-heartedly. I was scared to let go of my fitness identity and scared of weight gain.

I had talked to several health coaches but nobody seemed to “get it”. Nobody seemed to understand the full picture. I finally found Victoria and Meg’s podcast and instantly felt drawn to them. I loved their holistic approach, compassionate energy and their focus on self-love, intuition and mental health. I reached out to Victoria and as soon as I spoke to her I knew she was the one to help me! She knew exactly where I was coming from and challenged me to dig deep into my relationship with food and my beliefs about wellness.

Client series: Stephanie

She helped me discover that the root of my digestive issues was SIBO, and how it may also be related to my hormonal imbalances. She guided me through all the testing and was very detailed with all of our supplementation protocols. She not only helped me heal my SIBO and my hormones, but she healed my relationship with food and my body. She did not prescribe any restrictive meal plans while healing digestion either, something I didn’t think was possible! I was able to practice intuitive eating and let the herbal supplements do their job!

When I came to Victoria, my hormones were very imbalanced. My cortisol (stress hormone) was through the roof and my progesterone and estrogen were at post-menopausal levels. I was doubtful I would get a period within our 6 months working together, but Victoria reminded me that the first step to healing is believing. She helped me get over the idea of eating substantially more and letting go of intense exercise for the time being. I did gain weight and I saw my body change, but I realized it was such a positive thing! Throughout our time together I could see my stress levels improving, but no period came. I decided to work with Victoria for two extra months for extra support. The next week, I GOT MY PERIOD! Then the next month came, and I GOT MY PERIOD AGAIN right on time! I literally cried tears of joy because for years I was scared I would never get a period again. I was scared I was “broken” or that I wouldn’t be able to have kids one day. I feel re-connected to my feminine intuition, something I didn’t feel for so long.

Client Series: Stephanie

I cannot thank Victoria enough for her help. I truly feel like she helped me re-claim my health and power. Victoria is such a beautiful, humble, and genuine soul and I cannot recommend her enough. If you struggle with hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, or disordered eating – Nourishing Minds Nutrition will be your hero! ☺

Client Series: Stephanie

Thank you so much for sharing your story Stephanie, I truly appreciate it! Follow along with Stephanie on her Instagram at @beautyandbananas.