Guest Post on Acktive Life

Good morning and happy Friday! So I have something SO exciting to share with you all today. I am over  on Acktive Life's blog today sharing my journey of how I ditched the diets, healed my relationship with food and then healed my health using food as medicine.

Katie and I connected via the blogging world and although we've never actually met in real life, I feel like we are close friends! As I pursue a business in the online world, it is so helpful to have friends that are also in this network whom can relate to the struggles and triumphs of being in business online. I value all of the friendships I have made through the health and nutrition online world so much, I mean I even met my business partner Meg who I have a practice with now via Instagram!

I am so appreciate Katie gave me an opportunity to share my journey with her readers, so  please go support Katie by following her on Facebook, Instagram and going to her blog today and reading my guest post!


P.S.- Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!