Friday Vibes: Let's Catch Up!


Well hello! And happy Friday! I've been thinking a lot about OG blogging days. Some of my favorite blog posts were just the simple ones: daily eats, life updates...getting to know the person! As I've been trying to figure out what content I want to bring to the blog in 2018, I think it would be fun to CONNECT again. While I do a lot of that on Instagram and the podcast, I'm sure I'm not the only person who actually enjoys reading too.

So without further delay, let's catch up! I'm going to try out this as a weekly series on Friday where I share in pictures and words whats been going on over here, what I've been eating and what I've been up to lately!

Let's start with last Friday...

After working all day, Meg and I met up in the late afternoon/early evening to walk around Meg's neighborhood, take pics, and drink wine out of water bottles (lol)! Not kidding sometimes we have our best business ideas during these Friday nights with a glass of wine (or two)!

Friday Vibes: Let's Catch UP!

Saturday morning I went to the farmer's market...

Friday Vibes: Let's Catch UP!

And the rest of the weekend doing home improvement, and RESTING hard.

I painted this...

Friday Vibes: Let's Catch UP!

...leaving the silver and adding a sage green outline instead of black.

It's in the room that is turning into my office in our home. Next up is ripping up the carpet and adding laminate floors!

We (as in Nick haha) also re-stained the coffee table. It looks much better now :)

And now for eats for the week!

Salmon, grits (cooked in heavy cream and mozarella) and sauteed broccoli...

Greek tacos with pork loin I cooked in the crockpot and shredded, cucumber and tomato salad with fresh dill and feta cheese...

I didn't end up food prepping last weekend (wasn't in the mood) so lunches were random this week. Like this salad with all the fresh veggies I could find (major craving I've had this week!), chicken sausage and grilled cheese on the side...

So many yogurt bowls for breakfast (so many that I'm officially over it now haha)...

Oh and breakfast tacos!

Dinner one night was burgers with cheddar cheese, sweet potato fries and more salads (told you that's been a craving lately!) and all the ketchup...

...and last but not least today we have a new podcast on Nourishing Women Podcast!

It's all about intuitive eating and how to meal plan/food prep while being intuitive. The episode details:

  • Food prepping and meal planning without obession
  • Intuitive eating when you have a 9-5
  • When the lunch you packed doesn't sound appealing
  • Honoring your cravings but also accepting that not every meal is going to be spot on
  • Grocery shopping for the week- to plan or not to plan?
  • Staple items to keep on hand

You can listen on iTunes, on Sticher or on our website!

And that's it for this week! I  hope you have an AMAZING weekend and I'll see you back next week!



P.S.- If you like the idea of weekly update posts comment below and let me know! I LOVE hearing from you all and getting an idea of what you would like me to share more of.