Monday Prep and Plan for Healthy Living

I believe prepping and planning for healthy living is a huge component in making healthy eating and exercise part of your daily life. Each Monday I will feature how I food prep each weekend before the work week, as well as my plan for eats and exercise for the week.  Happy Monday! Warning. I am one of those annoying people who loves Monday. As healthy eating and exercising daily became more of my lifestyle, I no longer felt sluggish and lethargic on Monday and now enjoy the beginning of a new week. I also start the week off feeling organized and prepped for healthy living for the week thanks to planning. Each Sunday, I sit down and plan what I am going to make for meals and snacks for the week, and prep many of those ingredients so that I can simplify my life and save time.

Food Prep and Plan for Eats and Exercise

Here are the items that I prepped yesterday:

-Oatmeal for Nick (made with organic 2% milk) and oatmeal for myself (made with unsweetened almond milk)*

-Hardboiled eggs

-Energy bites (testing out a recipe)

-Roasted sweet potato wedges and cut up bell peppers to go with spinach salads for lunch

-Sweet and spicy almond butter dressing for salads for lunch

-Chicken broth and shredded chicken (not pictured)

-Protein coconut flour mug cakes (not pictured, they didn't photograph well)

-Saturday I made the chia seed jam and granola, both are recipes I will be sharing this week!

*To make "make-ahead" oatmeal: In a large pot add 1 cup of steel cut oats, 4 cups of liquid of choice (I usually do half milk/half water), 2 T chia or flax seeds, a dash of cinnamon and pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and boil for two minutes. Remove from heat and stir in a splash of vanilla extract. Once cooled, place in Tupperware and store in the fridge overnight. Portion out your serving the next day, and re-heat. Makes 4- 1 cup servings. Just add toppings! Nick adds maple syrup and peanut or almond butter, and you can refer to this post to see how I eat mine. I eat half of a portion to make it FODMAP  friendly for my IBS, which is one of the reasons I add so much to it (to make it more filling).

Meal Plan for the week*:

*I find I usually stick to the plan probably 80% of the time, if I don't make exactly what I plan I try to at least use the ingredients.

Breakfast: PB&J oatmeal or smoothie bowls with PB&J granola (using up some ingredients from recipes I am posting on Thursday, get excited!)

Lunch: Spinach salad with bell peppers, roasted sweet potato wedges, shredded chicken and almond butter dressing

Snacks: Energy bites, brown rice cakes with nut butter, hard-boiled eggs, smoothies, mug cakes

Dessert: Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Food Prep and Plan for Eats and Exercise

So many delicious dinner plans! The trout is locally caught by my husband and taste amazing. The rest of our meals are recipes I am testing for you! So excited to give you guys recipes galore.

Exercise plan for the week:

Monday- Gym before work (dead lifts/back/biceps) and hot cardio flow yoga after work

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday- Gym before work (leg day)

Thursday- Gym before work (chest/shoulders/triceps)

Friday- rest

Saturday- Hot barre

Sunday- circuit workout at home

On rest days I try to go on extra walks and do extra yoga, as well as lots of stretching and foam rolling. I usually don't like working out twice in one day, but it's so much more effective to lift weights with a spotter, and Nick prefers going in the morning before work instead of on the weekends (and honestly I do, too!) My FAVORITE yoga class though is on Monday nights, so I usually just plan my rest days around the fact that I work out twice on Monday so that I do not over exercise. And as always, I listen to my body, if I need an extra unplanned rest day I take it.

Your turn: Do you food prep and plan out what you are eating and your exercise plan for the week? If so, comment below- I love getting ideas from you!

If not, what prevents you from being able to food prep or meal plan? Is there  a way I can help?


Nourish Yo'self,