If Diets Don't Work...What Now?


I've discussed my story living on and off diets (here and here). I've shared the research behind why diets don't work. Are you wondering what to do now?

Should you just give up, eat whatever you want and live an unhealthy life at your unhappy weight doomed to constantly think of food as the enemy?

No, no, no.

There is an answer. But it doesn't involve any schemes, any restriction, any food rules at all.

If Diets Don't Work...What Now? In today's post I answer this very question for you!

The answer is to just listen to your body. Mindful eating, also known as intuitive eating, is the answer to having food freedom again.

Do you want to enjoy and take pleasure in eating? Not constantly obsess over what you just ate or what you are going to eat that day? Stop wasting time calculating out how many calories or macronutrients you need in a day? To be able to eat ice cream and kale with the same level of satisfaction? Never diet again and with time find your happy weight?

Then, intuitive eating is the answer. But I must warn you, the goal to lose weight must take a back seat. Your 'ideal' weight may be different than your body's happy weight. Your happy weight is the weight you can maintain easily without diets and deprivation and WITH nourishment, enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you are ready to find food freedom, here are the steps to get you there:

  1. Reject the diet mentality and make peace with food.

  2. Learn to eat based off hunger and fullness cues.

  3. Enjoy and savor eating.

  4. Learn to cope with emotions without using food.

  5. Respect and love your body.

  6. Exercise for enjoyment, not for punishment.

  7. Fuel your body with nourishing foods. Eat instinctively, choosing foods that make you feel radiant and energized.

Are you ready to begin healing? To let go of dieting and start living again? To improve  your relationship with food and then from there find a way of eating that also improves your health?

Then, you are ready! Contact me at thediehardfoodie@gmail.com. Nourishing Minds Nutrition will be opening its doors in St Pete and taking clients virtually VERY SOON (like in the next month!) I want to help you because I know you can do this!