Diehard Foodie Finds + Weekend Recap

Happy Memorial day my foodies! I hope you are all having a fantastic, long weekend. I am officially off work for the next week and a half, and soaking up every minute of it. My sister and brother in law came to town for the weekend, and we had SO much fun! On Friday we had dinner after work at a delicious farm to table pizzeria in Safety Harbor (an adorable small town right beside us in Clearwater). After dinner, we walked to a wine bar and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine while catching up. On Saturday morning, I took Kat to my yoga studio while the boys played disc golf. After getting some movement in for the day, we went to Dunedin (another adorable small beach town in Tampa Bay). We ate at the Dunedin Brewery, one of our favorite restaurants and breweries, and afterwards took Porter with us to Honeymoon Island for a day on the beach. I cooked up a delicious meal Saturday night, featuring my coconut butter salmon (recipe will be on the blog this week!), sauteed zucchini and peppers and gouda grits. SO delish! On Sunday, I cooked us a big breakfast before we headed to Tampa for the day. We did a brew bus tour, which took us to all the local breweries in Ybor City. We are all craft beer enthusiasts and had so much fun sampling beers! The winner was Angry Chair's hazelnut and coffee porter. It was AMAZING.

I cannot believe the weekend is already over, and I am so sad they are already gone. Now its time to pack and get ready for Puerto Rico and Colorado. Nick and I have three weddings in the next two weeks to attend, I cannot wait to see so many of our friends!

Diehard Foodie Finds

This is what happens when my sister and I try to be serious. It doesn't happen.

Diehard Foodie FindsDiehard Foodie FindsDiehard Foodie FindsDiehard Foodie FindsDiehard Foodie FindsIt has been awhile since the last Diehard Foodie Finds post, so let's catch up on some amazing articles, recipes and blog posts!

Recipes to try:

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Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon by The Healthy Maven

Spicy Broiled Mango by Thyme and Toast

Great reads:

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How to Be Okay Gaining Weight by Imma Eat That (PLEASE read this! Such an important subject on respecting your body's natural size)

The Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating' by Ruby Tandoh

How to Make Your Weeks Feel More Like the Weekend by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Greater Social Media Use Tied to Higher Risk of Eating and Body Image Concerns in Young Adults

What 9,000 Years of Breeding Has Done to Peaches, Corn and Other Crops

Doomed to Be the Biggest Losers?

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I hope you all have a fantastic week! Come back for my weekly WIAW post on Wednesday and on Friday I will post the delicious recipe for the coconut butter salmon.

Nourish yo'self,