Diehard Foodie 1 Year Anniversary

Diehard Foodie turned 1 year old today. It's prettyyyyyyyy crazy to be typing that. It feels just like yesterday when I was overwhelmed with trying to teach myself how to start a website (still figuring that one out), learning wtf SEO is and learning food photography (still figuring that one out, too).

As I had imagined, writing and keeping up a blog, is a lot of work.

But with that work comes pride. I really have never done and created something by myself, like ever. And its a space that is so completely me. I get to share my thoughts with you people each day (well really, twice a week on Wednesday and Friday) and I deeply value that. Words cannot describe my appreciation for my readers. You allow me to write and share my own thoughts and experiences. I get to put my beliefs out into the world about nutrition, health and wellness. And damn it. I really, really love that! I have a lot to say...and I am so thankful to those of you who come here to read it.

While I am proud of each post I have written, the posts that resonate the most with you are the ones I enjoy writing the most. The deep, super personal, sometimes emotional to write posts. I am overjoyed that those are the posts you guys read and share the most. If you know me, I am an insanely deep person. My husband will be shaking his head in laughter as he reads this because he knows how true it is.  I need deep conversations and interactions to feel alive. Almost to a fault I need them. And its so, so amazing you guys allow me to do that here.

I still enjoy creating and writing recipes to share with you and sharing my daily eats, but ya know what...sometimes I can only handle talking about how delicious food is or what I ate for so long! I need to go deeper than that.

So while I fully intend on continuing to create recipes and sharing my daily eats, I also plan on sharing more deep, personal stories with you. Because those are the posts I enjoy writing the most and appears to be the ones you enjoy reading the most, too!

Here are some of your (and mine!) favorite posts from the first year of Diehard Foodie:

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I plan to continuing writing more posts for you that focus on intuitive eating and digestion. Those are two biggest passions, areas of expertise and areas where I can totally relate to you because I've been there. I will also be talking more about self care and managing stress, too. 'Cause if your mental state is not in a positive and present place, food cannot properly do its job to heal you.

Exciting things are coming in year two of Diehard Foodie. I fully intend on having videos on the blog in the coming months. I will be starting Facebook live videos to answer all your questions on a weekly basis, so go find me on Facebook to join in on the conversation. I am starting my own PRACTICE which will be opening THIS MONTH. Crazy. And once our practice opens, get ready for some exciting things. We plan to offer much more than seeing clients, and I cannot wait to tell you more about that!

I would love to to hear from YOU. What kind of posts to you want to read? Any particular topic you would like me to write about?

Love to all my diehard foodies!

xo, Victoria