Bringing Balance Back Series: Finding Time to Meditate


Bringing Balance Back will be a monthly series on Diehard Foodie, by Kat Beck. Kat is my sister, best friend, role model and go-to expert for all healthy living outside of nutrition. We work together to support and better each other. I give her advice on healthy eating, and she gives me so much advice on other aspects of healthy living (that I sometimes neglect!) My hope is she will become your guru on these aspects, and bring more balance in your life as well.

Who has time to meditate?

 Trust me, I get it. After working, cleaning, cooking, eating, exercising, sleeping and spending some quality time with my husband- where do I find time to meditate? Sometimes is seems as if there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. Then I realize that 

I am enough

 exactly as I am, and checking every single thing off my to do list won't bring me any sense of TRUE peace. I figured out what does though: sitting still for 15 minutes (aka meditation).

Exercising your mind is just as essential as exercising your body.

I could spend all day listing the benefits you will undoubtedly gain from creating a meditation habit, but I'd rather spend your time helping you figure out how to add this habit into your life.

Tips to make time to meditate: 

1) Wake up 15 minutes earlier: create a morning routine that starts with sitting somewhere you can be undisturbed.

2) Use your lunch hour to sit in nature or in your car .

3) Get ready for bed just 15 minutes earlier. (TURN OFF THE TV: aren't we lucky to have DVR and Netflix at our finger tips now for those shows we just can't miss?)

4)  Observe how much time you are on your phone. Trust me, I am as guilty as you are at times, but the

 latest study i read showed that americans spend 4.7 hours on their smartphones

 every freaking day! WHAT?! There's your time!

However, you can use this technology wisely by checking out 

Kat Beck Yoga

 on youtube, find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and 

bring balance back

 to your body, mind and soul.

Namaste Y'all,

Kat Beck