5 Easy Ways to Embrace Non-Toxic Living

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Another title for this blog post could be: 5 easy ways to slowlyyyyyyy make changes in the products you put on your body and use in your home because I’m all about being realistic and doing what works for you. But that would be a long title, don’t you think?!

If today’s blog post isn’t for you- by all means come back on Friday! Non-toxic living is a value for some of us, but not for all of us. No worries! You do you.

A lot of my audience comes from the intuitive eating world. Hi, I love you all so so much :) I know its quite unconventional to chat about things like non-toxic living in that space, but for me- I found ways to take care of myself, my health and the health of the planet outside of food, while I was letting go of my disordered ways, extremely beneficial. Being an intuitive eater doesn’t mean you are not allowed to care about topics such as non-toxic living, but it does mean we don’t take things to extreme and we avoid all or nothing thinking. You are not a bad person if you don’t use green beauty products and non-toxic cleaning supplies, okay?

I personally do really enjoy finding ways to embrace non-toxic living, and its something that Nick and I have very slowly implemented into out lifestyle throughout the years. And while we still have a long way to go, I wanted to share some of the ways we started.

5 Easy ways to embrace non-toxic living

5 Easy Ways to Embrace Non-Toxic Living

non-toxic skincare

Personally, skincare was the very first change I made. We absorb 80% of what we put on our skin, so I wanted to be mindful of what type of ingredients I was absorbing. I liked the idea that whatever went on my skin was made of ingredients I could eat if I wanted to (ew gross, I wouldn’t actually do that!)

I found Primally Pure a couple years ago and have never looked back. What started off as a desire to have quality ingredients in my skincare quickly became a love affair when my skin dramatically improved and looked radiant. At this point, almost everything (except for my shampoo and conditioner) is made from Primally Pure!

Everyday I use the: cleansing oil, complexion mist, baby balm (using it currently on my tired pregnancy eyes), face serum, blue tansy deo, beauty cream and dry shampoo if my hair is dirty. And currently at this very final stretch of pregnancy, I’m applying the body butter a couple times a day to my growing belly, too.

green beauty and make-up

This goes hand in hand with the reason that I switched my skincare, and again it stuck for me because I noticed my skin looked and felt much better when I made that shift.

Currently, I still cannot find an eyeliner and mascara that I 100% love, but all my other products have changed. I love Hynt beauty for my concealer, blush and powder. I use Mineral Fusion BB cream every single day. I just started using and absolutely love RMS un-cover up foundation. And my favorite lipstick is without a doubt 100% Pure.

If you have a recommendation for eyeliner and mascara comment below, I’m open to suggestions!

5 Easy Ways to Embrace Non-Toxic Living

non-toxic cleaning products

Once I found out we had a baby on the way, I got really intentional with the cleaning products in our home. I knew I wanted to take the time to find a product I could rely on long term, knowing that my baby’s mouth would likely be on every surface of our home, I didn’t want her orally ingesting bleach, chemicals, alcohols, preservatives and more.

I have tried all the DIY homemade products and all the cleaning products you can find at a health food store. I kept using them, but was never sold on them. And then I found Branch Basics.

I cannot put into words how much I love Branch Basics. Y’all. I really like a clean home. I wouldn’t call myself a clean freak, but I do really enjoy the feeling of a clean, decluttered space. When I found Branch Basics, it brought the joy back into cleaning that some of my DIY products were not giving me because I was having to scrub so hard to get everything clean. Even Nick is obsessed with it and raves about how well it cleans!

The concept of Branch Basics is pretty cool- its one concentrate that you put into all your cleaning products: your laundry detergent, all purpose cleaning spray, mirror and window spray, bathroom spray and dish soap.

I’m sharing how to make the Branch Basics products from the all-in-one concentrate on my IGTV today so make sure to head on over to Instagram if you want to learn more!

5 Easy Ways to Embrace Non-Toxic Living


This is such a fun one because plants are so beautiful in the home and create a jungle-like astethetic I cannot get enough of! But did you know plants are one of the best air purifiers for your home, too?

Plants are not only natural air purifiers, they produce more oxygen, maintain indoor humidity levels, and I’m totally a believer that they boost your mood, too!

While we now have numerous plants in every room in our home, I started off with a few plants and slowly added more to each room over time. If you are worried about potentially killing plants, some really easy plants that are tough to destroy are: pothos (ivy), snake plant, cacti, ficus and yucca.

essential oil diffuser

I always wondered why candles made me sneeze so much and when I started to realize the ingredients in most candles, I couldn’t believe it! While there are candles out there you can find made with only essential oils and soy wax, I personally prefer at this point to use my essential oil diffuser for any smell goods in our home. Overall, I just think its a cheaper and more effective route. Essential oils are also known to have antibacterial, antiviral, detoxifying and calming properties and can be used for a variety of uses- personal cleaning products, beauty products, food as medicine uses and as I’m mentioning today- aromatherapy.

I have this essential oil diffuser and these (here and here) are two of my favorite essential oils I use all the time in our home. And if you are allergy prone like me, this breathe blend is life changing. Its my sleeping companion alongside my white noise machine :)

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