It's here...the Nourishing Women Community!

I am THRILLED to be writing this blog post, as of today the Nourishing Women Community is officially open for members to join!

Here's what the Nourishing Women Community will include:

Monthly Videos + Actions to Take

Two monthly videos for members of the community. Think of it like the podcast, elevated to the next level. Similar information, but delving deeper into the topics explored, having a conversation with you and visually showing you how to implement our favorite topics. We will be sipping on matcha lattes while we discuss body image and self love, showing you our morning routines, cooking tacos in the kitchen, making you our favorite cocktails, discussing supplements for healing and more!

Two videos will be uploaded for access only to members of the community, as well as action oriented handouts, recipes, goals and more. We not only want to educate and inspire you, but truly help you to make your goals a reality

Online Support Group

The online community support group will be unlike any online support Meg and I have ever offered before. We commit to showing up for you daily in the private Facebook group answering your questions, providing insight and support. 

While the community can never replace one-on-one counseling, our goal is to make it the next best thing. We want to be there for you. Whether you need help with body image and self love, embracing intuitive eating and living, learning wellness without obsession or seeking to learn more about holistic health practices, we plan to give you as much insight from our personal experiences and from years of working with clients.

Live Q&A and more!

Once a month, we will be holding a Live 90 minute Q&A where we answer your questions directly from you. Instead of waiting to hear us answer your questions on the podcast, Instagram or blog posts, get insight immediately. We want to support you as much as possible. We are excited to offer this special bonus feature for members of the community only!

The community will also be hosting a book club and providing support to dietitians and other health and fitness professionals looking for guidance on starting a business, healing practices, best counseling practices and anything you need support with. 

Victoria and Meg.jpg

I look forward to seeing you in the Nourishing Women Community!

In other news, a new podcast episode is up on iTunes or our website! Today's episode details the thyroid hormone and the state of not having enough. Topics include:

  1. Special Announcement!!! Launch of the Nourishing Women Community!!!!
  2. What wellness related things Victoria and Meg have been into recently
  3. What is the thyroid glad and what are the thyroid hormone?
  4. What are the symptoms of being in a hypothyroid state
  5. The thyroid hormones and it’s role in the body
  6. Various ways one can get to the diagnosis of hypothyroidism
  7. How you could be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms while having normal lab work
  8. What a comprehensive thyroid panel would include
  9. Thyroid replacement options
  10. How under eating and over exercising can be related to hypothyroidism

Have a wonderful weekend friends!