New Site, Same Me! Welcome to Victoria Myers.

New Site, Same Me! Welcome to Victoria Myers.

Well, hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by my NEW website. I'm kind-a-obsessed with it.

Because it fits me so much better. Truth be told, I had grown out of Diehard Foodie. My passion just simply isn't in recipe creation and talking about food (but thank GOODNESS for those who do have that passion as I use your ideas and recipes, thanks so much!)

I'm here for something different.

I'm on a mission.

On a mission for you. And for me. And for ALL OF US.

To love, nourish, express and empower ourselves. My mission is to create a world where we, as women, love the skin we are in and nourish ourselves (physically and mentally) so that we can empower ourselves. Each of us were put here on this Earth to make an impact. Each of us has a badass inside of us. And when we are hating our bodies, calorie counting and plugging it in to My Fitness Pal, obsessing over which foods we can eat and which foods we cannot...well that badass inside gets hidden. And I'm here to help bring it out of all of us!

My vision for the world is to normalize all bodies of all shapes and sizes. To normalize being confident and loving the skin you are in. I want this so deeply for each and every one of us. Including those of us that are dietitians, health care providers, fitness professionals, health bloggers and influencers, and the like.

Because you see....if we can show that it is normal to all come in different shapes and sizes, that there is no one size fits all to health and wellness...

Well, my friend, then we truly can create change. 

But it takes people like you, like me, to be that catalyst for change. 

And that's what I'm here to do! For myself, for you, for all of us. Let's be the change.

Welcome to Victoria Myers! Have fun perusing around the home page, where you'll find more on my mission, values and vision, different categories for blog posts, all my most updated blog and podcast episodes, and information on the practice, tribe, and community.

And for those OG friends of mine from Diehard Foodie. No worries, every single blog post (including all my old recipes!) is here on this new site. So all you need is here :)

P.S. A new podcast episode is up! Today we aired an episode we recorded while Georgie Morley was in town (miss you Georgie!) all about law of attraction, manifestation and more!

Happy Friday friend :)



New Site, Same Me! Welcome to Victoria Myers.
New Site, Same Me! Welcome to Victoria Myers.