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Welcome, friend!

While this site is for us...I'm sure you want to learn a little bit about me...

Once upon a time, I spent every waking moment of my life obsessing over my body size, my thick thighs, what I was going to eat that day, what foods I could and could not eat and how to exercise it all off.

I had been sold the lie, that the way I looked, the way my body is designed and created, was wrong.

So for too many years of my life (actually my entire life, considering I had vivid memories as a young child comparing my body to other young girls), I tried to change the amazing body I have been gifted in this lifetime.

This led to me down a dark path. Restricting my eating, obsessing over becoming the thin ideal, restricting and then binge eating, orthorexia and later on experiencing narley health consequences like IBS, SIBO, hormonal and skin imbalances...I've been through it all.

But I wouldn't change a thing. Truly, I wouldn't. Because it led me here.

While I became a dietitian likely to figure out once-and-for-all how to become thin, which I felt was not only expected of me but also the only way to obtain health, and while for many of those years I was struggling with an eating disorder, I am here.

I eat intuitively. I live intuitively. I found my happiness in my own skin. I stopped comparing myself to everyone else around me, and well, grew to love me. I healed all my health issues. I found a way to embrace wellness without obsession. I found ways to love, nourish, express and empower myself. And now I am here to help you do the same!

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About Victoria

While you can find me here often, you can also find more of me on my business website, Nourishing Minds Nutrition. My business partner/best friend and I specialize in helping women eat and live intuitively, cultivate healthy body image, pursue wellness without obsession and heal from health issues such as hypothalamic amenorrhea, IBS and SIBO. 

You can also hang out with us on our podcast, in the tribe and usually hang out on Instagram most days.

Other fun things about me: I went to Clemson University (go Tigers!), I'm from North Carolina, and married my high school sweetheart. We currently live in (and are utterly in love with) St. Petersburg, FL with our fur animals: our crazy boykin spaniel, Porter, and our also crazy cat, Ellie.

When I'm not obsessing over how to change the world (its legit a thought in my mind at most times, #girlpower), I'm obsessing over crystals, decorating our home, vintage shopping, owning as many floral dresses as I can, jamming to old school music, sipping either a matcha or an old fashion (depends on the day and time), and spending as much time as possible out on the water either lounging at the beach or kayaking through the bay.

Parks and Rec is my favorite show ever, and actually "treat yo'self" is how I came up with the idea for love, nourish, express and empower yourself. True story.

About Victoria